This website is purely informative.
It offers an insight into the topics/work areas that we can make available to the general public.

The methods presented here are not recognised medical therapies and are not to be equated/compared with state-recognised medical therapies.

The contents of the website do not constitute medical advice, nor do they replace such advice. It is explicitly pointed out that the methods presented here are not a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment.
Everyone is advised to consult a medical professional as soon as the need for diagnosis/treatment arises or serious symptoms occur.

Nobody can promise a cure, neither do we. Healing can only ever happen in harmony with the nature of oneself. If healing happens, then only through oneself. Everyone bears full responsibility for themselves and their actions.

No responsibility is accepted for any misuse of the information, images, sound or videos presented here.

It is explicitly pointed out that passing on knowledge for the general public is absolutely desirable!

The URSA Method

URSA stands for “Universal Causal Regeneration System.” It is a simple technique that works with body memory, Rapid Eye Movement, and intention. 

A quote from the founder of the URSA-Method is,
“Everything natural is easy. Everything!”
And so is this technic, simple and effective so everyone can do it.

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International Meditation Group

Welcome to our international remote meditation group.

Every month we gather to cultivate and realise our true self.
And to grow love, peace and healing through us in this world.
As more and more people from all over the world join us, we are building a growing energy field that transcends borders and unites us in our shared intention to raise the collective consciousness.

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