International Meditation Group

Welcome to our international meditation group!

Since 2021 we are coming together for an International Meditation on the third Saturday of every month via Zoom to connect and cultivate spirituality.

What does spirituality mean for us?

Our concept of spirituality is the understanding and the conscious work on oneself, in order to activate and develop the connection to the divine source. So that we get to recognise the truth, realise our true self and realise our reality in relation to the source of all being, the source of all love and truth.

It is about making the essence of our being more and more conscious and visible for us, so that we unfold our human potential as children of God, so that we can tap into our own divinity.

The common meditation is also meant to work for the benefit of the “Highest Good” of all sentient beings, to bring love, truth and healing into the world.

Initially Frank created this group to bring all his students together for a shared meditation. But very soon friends and others from all over the planet joined the meditation.

At the moment the topic of our meditation is realising the true self!

What stays after everything is gone?

We share the essence of the meditation into the collective experience of humanity.

As more and more participants from different parts of the world join us, we are building a growing energy field that transcends borders and unites us in our shared intention to raise the collective consciousness.