What Is The Origin Of URSA?

The inventors of URSA

Angela Ram

From her urge to find solutions for health and from the essence of her numerous trainings such as alternative practitioner, naturopathy, Chinese Quantum Method, HNC-Therapy (Human Neuro Cybrainetics-Therapy), Germanic New Medicine and other approaches from her own research, a unique method was created to help people achieve more vitality and health: URSA.

Urs Wirths

From a telecommunications technician to an electrical engineer for communications electronics to his own developments from overlapping areas such as health, subtle materiality and the most diverse therapeutic procedures, Urs developed a variety of products, including solutions for agriculture, climate and mobile phone interference suppression and a body therapy system that systematically tackles and solves problems clear, concisely and quickly.

The two have given this ingenious method the name URSA, which stands for “Urs├Ąchliches Regenerations System”.

How did we got to URSA?

Urs published an article about his work in 2020. Frank read this article and was immediately fascinated and excited. He was so excited about this method that he and his wife Petra went to visit Angela and Urs to learn the URSA method from them. This led to a wonderful friendship and a lively exchange that still exists and through which the URSA method is constantly enhanced and refined.

After two years of using the URSA method on his patients, Frank decided to retreat with his group for 2 months to explore the URSA method in more depth.
The results were new domains of applications of the URSA method, as well as new structures for certain fields of application.

Through our constant work, we can now provide you with a stable framework of the URSA method, with a lot of experience and developments for a wide and comprehensive range of topics such as healing, more vitality, more quality of life, more joy of life, personal development and more.