The URSA Method

What is URSA?

URSA stands for “Universal Causal Regeneration System.” It is a technique that works with body memory, Rapid Eye Movement, and intention.

Whether the issue is physical, psychological, energetic, or otherwise, it is addressed directly. Blockages are released, healing processes are activated, and energies are harmonised.

Through kinesiological testing, each individual case and its corresponding solutions are precisely worked out.
By activating body areas and inducing rapid eye movement, the body’s memory of trauma is erased and new impulses are set.

We use the knowledge that any event, whether physical, psychological, or energetic, is stored in the body.
This concept is a familiar one across various traditions and disciplines concerned with healing.
In Chinese Medicine, the “Yin” is the body substance, which stores everything, including experience.
In bioenergetics, according to Wilhelm Reich, traumas are stored in tissue.
In German New Medicine, according to Dr. Geerd Hamer, every unresolved trauma occurs psychologically, physically in the tissues, and in the brain (the so-called Hamer foci).
Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk, renowned psychiatrist and trauma expert has argued that the body “keeps the score”, and an increasing number of other medical systems have also recognised the concept of “body memory”.

Since everything is stored in the body and its surrounding energy fields – influencing the body and its fields allow healing through release.

Who developed URSA?

Her urge to find novel solutions for health came from the essence of her numerous trainings in allied healthcare (Heilpraktiker), naturopathy, Chinese Quantum Method, HNC Therapy (Human-Neuro-Cybrainetics Therapy), Germanic New Medicine, and other approaches from her own research. Along with Urs Wirths, she created a unique method to help people achieve more vitality and health: URSA.

From a telecommunications technician to an electrical engineer for communications electronics, Urs began innovating new developments in overlapping areas such as weather balance, earth and plant fertility, health, subtle materiality, and therapeutic procedures.
He has developed a variety of products, including solutions for agriculture, climate, and mobile phone interference suppression, as well as a body therapy system that systematically tackles and solves problems clearly, concisely and quickly.

The two have given this incredibly effective method the name URSA, which stands for “Ursächliches Regenerations System”.

How did we get to URSA?

Urs published an article about his work in 2020. Frank read this article and was immediately fascinated. He was so excited that he and his wife Petra went to visit Angela and Urs to learn the URSA method from them. This led to a wonderful friendship and a lively exchange that still exists and through which, the URSA method is constantly enhanced and refined.

After two years of using the URSA method on his patients, Frank decided to retreat with his group for 2 months to explore the URSA method in more depth.
The results were new domains of applications of the URSA method, as well as new structures for certain fields of application.

Through our constant work, we can now provide a stable framework of the URSA method, with a lot of experience and developments for a comprehensive range of issues and goals.

What we can not do with URSA

  • Malnutrition
  • Treating Parasites
  • Influencing the pH value
  • Intoxication
  • External influences like: geomancy, e-smog, radiation (Radio waves, wireless LAN, mobile phone, 5G etc.),,
  • Lack of Energie in terms of not enough Bovis units (ideal value 6000+ units)