Sufi Healing

The highest faculty is the soul, while the highest function is life.

Sufi healing is a form of spiritual healing based on the teachings of Sufism, a mystical current of Islam.
Sufism emphasises direct connection with God and the search for inner insight and spiritual growth.
It aims to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony and to facilitate healing on different levels.
At the heart of Sufi healing is the recognition of the Divine as the ultimate source of healing.
Sufi healers often see illness and discomfort as the result of disharmony between the individual self and the divine.
Through certain techniques, disharmonies are eliminated and the natural flow of (divine) energy in the body is restored.
Sufi healing involves various methods. These include prayers, meditation, breathing exercises, bodywork, visualisation, healing chants, diet and the recitation of sacred texts.
The Sufi healer may also use specific techniques such as laying on of hands, energy transfer or recognising and dissolving blocking patterns and beliefs.
An important aspect of Sufi healing is the awakening of the heart centre or the spiritual heart quality. The heart is the seat of love, compassion and divine grace/mercy. This is known in all spiritual traditions. By opening the heart, those seeking healing can experience a deeper connection with the divine and initiate healing on all levels of their being.
Sufi healing refers to physical illness as well as emotional imbalance, mental challenges, foreign influences and spiritual blockages.
It is well known in holistic medicine that healing must take place on all levels to achieve true wholeness.

We use various Sufi techniques as a complementary method to promote holistic wellbeing and spiritual development.