Chinesise Medicine

The first traces of Chinese Medicine can be dated back to 5000 years ago, with the first evidenced account founded around 3000 years ago. The success of Chinese Medicine is based on thousands of years of knowledge and experience that has been passed down through generations of medical doctors. In its wide history, Chinese Medicine has helped millions of people.

The holistic worldview of Chinese medicine is based on the concept of yin and yang. In Chinese philosophy, they are described as two complementary opposites. In terms of Chinese Medicine, yin symbolises the body structures and yang the body functions.

The concept of Qi as the life giving energy is also fundamental for Chinese Medicine. Qi flows through the entire body via specific channels (meridians). It supplies cells, organs and all areas of the human being with life energy.

The 5 cyclic phases of change, often called the 5 elements, describe processes of constant change. All life on our earth follows lawful transformations, seen throughout the natural world, as day turns into night, and Spring transforms into Summer. Each phase of the cycle has a specific significance and purpose and every phase is connected in a certain context to another one. We discover these 5 cyclic phases in ourselves. Chinese Medicine attempts to achieve a balanced cycle throughout the whole human being.

By tirelessly observing the natural processes on our earth, Chinese Medicine has succeeded in exploring the connections between causes and effects and using them for the treatment of diseases. Today, we continue to develop Chinese Medicine and expand it with modern, scientific methods.